IEEE RAS Seasonal School on Reproducible Research Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking in Robotics

Virtual Event
24-28 January, 2022


As the complexity of current robotic and embodied intelligent systems grows, it is more and more necessary to adhere to sound experimental approaches and benchmarking procedures. We think that it is of fundamental importance that the next generation learns good experimental, performance evaluation and benchmarking methods as part of their technical education. We will capitalize on our experience on organizing workshops on these topics and on the tradition of organizing robotics seasonal schools and virtual events. We believe that the field is now mature to try to convey all the accumulated knowledge and know-how in a one-week summer school format in order to present the relevant topics to the graduate students in a consistent and systematic way. Thanks to the R-article process in IEEE RAM, we are now able to make progress towards a widespread and much needed practice of Reproducible Research in Robotics.

This Seasonal School will provide necessary information, knowledge and motivation to support the community’s transition to an environment where reproducible research is possible and common.